Why is it worth it?

Toys & Kids & Fashion Show is the most comfortable platform for business talks during the fair.
By appearing at the Toys & Kids & Fashion Show you get a unique opportunity to make quite new, valuable contacts. This is due to the unique location – in the administrative and decision-making center of Poland, as well as reaching the largest group of professional visitors.

As part of the matchmaking program, we plan to organize over 400 successful business meetings with potential buyers from Eastern European countries (e.g. from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey).

We understand that each of our Business Partners has individual needs to reach and keep in touch with their clients. We create a place where everyone can easily meet these needs.

Hosted Buyers

Toys & Kids Fashion Show is a business meeting platform of entrepreneurs and leading representatives of companies of all children’s industr sectors.

Increase your recognition

Attendance at the Toys & Kids & Fashion Show gives you a unique opportunity to make quite new, valuable contacts and extend your knowledge about new trends in the children’s articles industry.

Premieres and discussion panels

Toys & Kids & Fashion Show is a new approach to present the toys and children’s products industry, which aims to share the entire range of toys and articles dedicated to children.

Exhibitor Profile

Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers

  • ecological toys, interactive toys, electronic toys, educational toys etc.
  • dolls' houses and accessories
  • playgrounds, trampolines and garden houses
  • prams, carrycots, sleeping bags and pram accessories
  • car seats and accessories for transporting children
  • children's furniture (beds, cradles, changing tables, high chairs, etc.)
  • children's clothing, underwear and shoes
  • sports clothing and footwear for children
  • accessories and sport equipment for children
  • supplements and nutrients for children and pregnant women
  • modified milk and feeding accessories
  • breathing monitors, monitoring cameras, aspirators
  • mattresses, pillows, quilts, blankets and cones for children
  • walkers and cross-country bikes
  • games and books