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Toys & Kids Fashion Show is a business meeting platform of entrepreneurs and leading representatives of companies of all children’s industr sectors.

Our priority is to create a new standard of baby’s items fairs and industry integration. Premieres and meetings with experts who will prepare interesting conferences and lectures are an important part of the event.

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  • the largest trade fair, dedicated to toys and children's items sector
  • B2B event, which goal is to promoting the Polish sector of toys and children's items
  • international fair in which buyers from abroad participate as part of organized arrivals and the Hosted Buyers program
  • individual business meetings with representatives of retail chains, leading toy and children's items distributors  in Poland
  • an opportunity to establish direct business contacts and increase the sales of their products
Become an Exhibitor


  • getting to know the offer of several hundred companies in one place and time
  • meeting with decision-makers (business owners, directors, etc.)
  • a chance to sign a contract on favorable terms
  • saving money and time
  • favorable trade promotions and discounts prepared by Exhibitors
  • getting acquainted with market novelties
  • negotiate better terms of payment and delivery
  • learning the latest industry trends
  • acquiring new business partners
  • raising qualifications - participation in industry training
  • increasing the assortment/offer
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  • wholesalers and shops
  • distributors
  • Internet shops
  • playground owners
  • directors of nurseries, kindergartens and schools
  • teachers
  • bookstore owners
  • Advertising Agencies
  • press
  • representatives of offices, authorities
  • przedstawiciele zagranicznych
  • representatives of foreign industry associations



toys, plastic and wooden blocks, games, dolls, balls, books, garden houses, walkers, cross-country bikes, playgrounds

Strollers and baby car seats

prams, car seats, carrycots, baby carriers, umbrellas, baby transport accessories, sleeping bags

Children's furniture

beds, desks, armchairs, cradles, chairs, children’s rugs, changing furniture, mattresses, bath sets, bathing chests, tables, high chairs

Children's textiles

fabrics, baby bedding, cot protectors, baby blankets, hooks, baby pillows, baby duvets, baby sheets, diapers, nappies, baby cot sets

Children's clothes

children’s outer clothing, children’s underwear, clothes, hats, shoes, slippers, hats, gloves, scarves, occasional clothing, layettes, accessories

Supplements and cosmetics for children and pregnant women

modified milk, juice, supplements, baby food, baby bath cosmetics, baby cleaning products, cosmetics for pregnant women, diapers, wipes

Accessories for children

bottles, teats, breast pumps, breathing monitors, monitoring cameras, aspirators, bath tubs, potties, bibs, bottle dryers, sterilizers


scooters, bicycles, helmets, protectors, skateboards, rollers, skates, sportswear, sports footwear, sports accessories, sports equipment

Conferences, trainings, workshops

Toys & Kids & Fashion Show is also a lot of hours of conferences, training, seminars, lectures.








industry conferences and workshops


500,000 square meters of external surface

143,000 square meters of exhibition space

Over 30 trade fair events per year

6 Modern market halls

12,000 parking spaces


Practical information

Opening hours

February 9th, (Thursday) 10:00 – 17:00
February 10th, (Friday) 10:00 – 17:00
February 11th, (Saturday) 10:00 – 17:00