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Warsaw Toys&Kids Expo

Warsaw Toys&Kids Expo is a business meeting of entrepreneurs and leading representatives of companies from all sectors of the children’s industry.

Our priority is to create a new standard for a children’s goods fair and to integrate the industry. An important part of the event are premieres and meetings with experts who prepare interesting lectures and lectures.

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  • the largest trade fair, dedicated to the sector of toys and children's goods
  • a B2B event aimed at promoting the Polish sector of toys and children's goods
  • international fairs in which buyers from abroad participate as part of organized arrivals and the Hosted Buyers program
  • individual business meetings with representatives of retail chains and leading distributors of toys and children's goods in Poland
  • an opportunity to establish direct business contacts and increase the sale of your products


  • getting to know the offer of several hundred companies in one place and time
  • meeting with decision makers (business owners, directors, etc.)
  • a chance to sign a contract on favorable terms
  • saving money and time
  • favorable fair promotions and discounts prepared by Exhibitors
  • getting to know market news
  • to negotiate better payment and delivery terms
  • getting to know the latest industry trends
  • acquiring new business partners
  • raising qualifications - participation in industry training
  • enlargement of the assortment / offer

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  • hurtownie i sklepy,
  • dystrybutorzy
  • sklepy internetowe,
  • właściciele placów zabaw,
  • dyrektorzy żłobków, przedszkoli,
  • szkół,
  • nauczyciele,
  • właściciele księgarni,
  • agencje reklamowe,
  • prasa,
  • przedstawiciele urzędów, władz,
  • przedstawiciele zagranicznych
  • stowarzyszeń branżowych,



toys, plastic and wooden blocks, games, dolls, balls, books, garden houses, walkers, cross-country bikes, playgrounds.

Trolleys and car seats

prams, car seats, extra prams, accessories for prams, gondolas, baby carriers, umbrellas, accessories for transporting children, sleeping bags

Children's furniture

beds, desks, armchairs, cradles, chairs, children’s rugs, changing furniture, mattresses, bathing sets, tables, high chairs for feeding

Children's textiles

fabrics, baby bedding, cot bumpers, baby blankets, nappies, diapers, crib sets

Children's clothes

children’s outerwear, children’s underwear, clothes, occasional costumes, layettes, accessories

Supplements and cosmetics for children and pregnant women

modified milks, juices, supplements, baby food, baby bath cosmetics, cosmetics for pregnant women, wipes

Accessories for children

bottles, teats, breast pumps, breathing monitors, monitoring cameras, aspirators, bathtubs, potties, bibs, bottle dryers, sterilizers

Active child

Scooters, bicycles, helmets, pads, skateboards, roller skates, skates, sportswear, sports shoes, sports equipment

Conferences, trainings, workshops

Warsaw Toys&Kids Expo also means many hours of conferences, trainings, seminars and lectures.

Największy obiekt targowy w Polsce oraz w Europie Środkowo-Wschodniej

500 000 m2 powierzchni zewnętrznej

143 000 m2 powierzchni wystawienniczej

Ponad 30 imprez targowych rocznie

6 Nowoczesnych hal targowych

12 000 miejsc parkingowych


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